Impact 52

Blankets, Bracelets, and Smiles

This week's volunteer activity was set up and performed by MaKenna.  These are her words: I have been wanting to do something to impact kids in a local hospital.  This week, I finally was able to make it happen.  My friend and I made the decision to make blankets and bracelets to be delivered to… Continue reading Blankets, Bracelets, and Smiles

Impact 52

Day 1: Give A Child A Balloon

Today is December 1st and the beginning of our 2nd annual 25 Days of Giving.  Our task for the day was to give children balloons.  A very simple gesture that can instantly bring a smile to face of a child.  We saw that firsthand today. We gave balloons away at Spiece Fieldhouse, the ice rink… Continue reading Day 1: Give A Child A Balloon

Impact 52

Day 14: Brighten Someone’s Day

I have debated all evening about writing this post.  This morning's tragic event in Newtown, Connecticut has left me in shock.  I struggle to comprehend and understand why something like this could happen.  They were children.  Young, innocent children who had so much life ahead of them.  Today's horrific news has made everything seem so… Continue reading Day 14: Brighten Someone’s Day