Impact 52

Blankets, Bracelets, and Smiles

This week's volunteer activity was set up and performed by MaKenna.  These are her words: I have been wanting to do something to impact kids in a local hospital.  This week, I finally was able to make it happen.  My friend and I made the decision to make blankets and bracelets to be delivered to… Continue reading Blankets, Bracelets, and Smiles

Impact 52

Handmade Blankets of Love

Can a blanket help  a child in need?  The answer is yes.  As a child, you may have had a favorite blanket.  A blanket that you slept with, ate with, and played with.  A best friend that was always by your side, in good times and in bad.  That blanket offered you a sense of… Continue reading Handmade Blankets of Love