Looking for a motivating and inspiring speaker? Do you want to challenge your employees, volunteers, church or students to stop making excuses and live a life filled with purpose? You should book Impact 52 co-founder Aaron M. Brown for your event!

“Aaron Brown is one of my favorite TEDxFortWayne faculty members! Through poignant humor and emotional appeal, his story inspires and challenges people both personally and professionally. I continue to ask him to speak in front our various C Level communities, as he highlights the value of corporate & community responsibility from firsthand experience. Be careful though, he may challenge you to become a better you!”  Craig D. Crook, Local Founder and Organizer of TEDxFortWayne


Speaking Bio

Aaron Brown is a community advocate and the co-founder of Impact 52.  He has been inspiring people for many years as a mentor, coach, business leader, and friend.  He is a graduate of Central Michigan University where he was a member of the Chippewa basketball team. Following graduation Aaron began a career with Coca-Cola. He held numerous sales and leadership positions during his 14 years with the world best known brand.

Aaron was called into nonprofit and ministry work after a successful corporate career. The creation of Impact 52 changed his life and showed him there were more fulfilling ways to spend his life. Aaron served as a nonprofit consultant until he joined the team at Forgotten Children Worldwide as Chief Development Officer. Today, Aaron serves as National Director of Operations for Destiny Rescue, an organization that rescues children from the evils of sexual slavery and exploitation.

Aaron’s unique mixture of corporate, nonprofit, sport and life experiences makes him a dynamic speaker who can reach people of all ages. He uses storytelling, life experiences, humor and his faith to develop messages that impact and inspire audiences. He believes and teaches that creating moments of positive impact each and every day can change someone’s life.  He shares stories of how volunteerism, giving, and the creation of Impact 52 has changed his life, the life of his family, and the communities around him.  He wants to start an epidemic of giving that spreads from community to community infecting everyone it touches.  He believes, and knows, that he can change the world and he will inspire you to embrace the same belief.

Aaron speaks to a variety of audiences including churches, schools, fundraising professionals, business executives, non-profit organizations, and volunteer groups.  Aaron adapts each presentation to meet the needs of each organization and audience.  He can give the following presentations or create something new that works for your particular audience:


  • Creating an Epidemic of Giving:  The Impact 52 story and how it has changed lives
  • I Want to be IN– A Volunteer’s Message to Non-Profits: how non-profit organizations can better engage volunteers
  • Don’t Kid Yourself, You Have Time
  • Living in Exile
  • “I get to” versus “I have to”: A change in perspective makes all of this difference.
  • Give and Become a Better Parent: how volunteerism and giving can make you a better parent
  • Everything Starts with Outstanding: positively impacting others starts with you.  Preparing your mind and your attitude so that you can impact others.
  • Don’t Live Life with A Big But
  • Be A Superhero without A Cape



Submit Your Request

For more information about having Aaron speak at your event:

Email: impact52org@gmail.com

Phone: 260.255.0322


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