Impact Your World

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”  Robert Louis Stevenson

A tiny seed transforms in a powerful and dramatic way. With adequate water, sun and soil, that tiny seed can grow into a majestic tree. That tree matures and its roots spread and strengthen. Its branches expand and fill with leaves. That simple seed has become a big, solid tree that now provides nourishment, protection and beauty for its community.

A small seed offers promise of the future. It contains the power of creation and the gift of life. You, me, we have the ability to plant seeds that will grow and change the landscape of our world forever. By making the choice to invest our time, talents and treasure in the lives of those around us, we are planting seeds that will allow our community to grow into that majestic tree that provides nourishment and safety for those who need it. Great communities are filled with great people. Good neighborhoods begin with good neighbors just like us.

Every day is filled with opportunities for us to plant a seed. All we have to do is take action through kindness, love and service. Once we do it is fun to watch the seed grow into a beautiful tree.

We are happy that you are here. Let’s take action, plant seeds and impact our world together!

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