Are you ready to impact your world?

We are on a mission to impact our world through love, kindness and service to others. Our world needs us to care. Our communities need us to be involved. Our neighbors need to experience our love. Our children need to understand the importance of giving. One person, one family, can make a difference in this world when action is taken. Those efforts can inspire a change of attitude, perspective and behavior which in the end can change lives. Imagine the world we would live in if every person was kinder, loved more, and served regularly. That is the world we want to live in.

We are happy that you have found us! Let’s impact our world together!

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Our Story

Impact 52 began seven years ago as a family service project. We were called to get involved in our community and make our world a better place. We wanted to show our children, who were 9 and 12 years old at the time, the importance of volunteerism and giving. We also wanted to show them that the world didn’t revolve around them.

The concept was simple. We, as a family, set out to volunteer once a week for 52 weeks. Hence the name, Impact 52. The goal was to work with as many organizations as possible during the year in an effort to expose our girls to the many great organizations that serve community. The journey was amazing. Each week we learned as the volunteer experience became the teacher and we became the students. We learned a lot about ourselves as individuals, a married couple, a family, and valuable lessons about life, love and heartache. To say that the project was life-changing is an understatement. Service became a part of our life. 52 weeks became 104, 104 became 156 and 156 became 208. Yep, that’s right. We served together as family each week for 4 years. During that time we served with more than 170 nonprofit organizations and causes in an effort to make a difference in the community while inspiring others to take action in their communities.  The life-changing stories and experiences were shared here through our blog.  We encourage you to go back through the archives and read about some of our experiences.

Today, we continue our mission. Life has changed so it looks different, but we still strive to make the world a better place. We continue to serve in various capacities, speak and share our testimonies, connect people to service opportunities and help nonprofits become better at what they do.

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Inspire your audience!

Looking for a motivating and inspiring speaker? Do you want to challenge your employees, volunteers, church or students to stop making excuses and live a life filled with purpose? You should book Impact 52 co-founder Aaron M. Brown for your event!

“Aaron Brown is one of my favorite TEDxFortWayne faculty members! Through poignant humor and emotional appeal, his story inspires and challenges people both personally and professionally. I continue to ask him to speak in front our various C Level communities, as he highlights the value of corporate & community responsibility from firsthand experience. Be careful though, he may challenge you to become a better you!”  Craig D. Crook, Local Founder and Organizer of TEDxFortWayne

Aaron speaks to a variety of audiences including churches, schools, fundraising professionals, business executives, non-profit organizations, and volunteer groups.  Aaron adapts each presentation to meet the needs of each organization and audience.

Request Aaron today!

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Children’s Books

Volunteering and serving others week after week has been a life changing experience. The lessons that we have learned about ourselves, the social injustices that exist in our communities, and the nonprofits and people who work to help those in need have been powerful. Our goal is to share those lessons with children through a series of books that feature entertaining, but meaningful stories. Our vision is to create a portfolio of books that schools, churches and parents can use to create the next generation of world changers.

Buy Books!

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25 Days of Giving

It’s the most wonderful time of year! It is Christmas time. The season of giving. That means it is also time for our annual 25 Days of Giving. We are excited and expect it, just like every other year, to be a life-changing experience. We have once again identified 25 simple giving-acts that can brighten the life of another person this December. Our calendar, running from December 1st through Christmas Day, features one act of giving for each day.

Learn more and print your calendar!