Aaron was OUTSTANDING as a motivational speaker for my organization! The room went from laughter to tears during his talk and the message was one that everyone in the room could identify with. I strongly endorse Aaron as a speaker at your next event. His message was powerful, moving and inspirational.


Mark Dixon, Chief Executive Officer at Matthew 25 Health & Dental Clinic

“Thank you Aaron for visiting our school. The students were engaged and loved every minute. They really enjoyed your visit and learned a lesson to apply to their daily lives. The presentation was very motivating. We are looking forward to more visits to our school when your new books are released.”

Christy Hopper, Teacher at Royerton Elementary

“I invited Aaron to speak to our students for a reading celebration. His message was well-received. This kids loved him! Aaron taught the students to avoid the big “buts” in life and encouraged them to try different things. He is also a living testimony that an ‘ordinary’ person can accomplish the extra-ordinary when he puts his mind to it!”

Kent Martz, Principal at Weisser Park Elementary

“Aaron’s talk to students was extremely engaging. Students were very attentive and Aaron did a great job of keeping things light and funny all while driving home the message of no excuses!”

Amanda Pyle, Principal at Eastern Hancock Elementary

“Aaron delivered an inspiring and motivating presentation at this year’s Graceful Night Out event. Many people approached me afterwards to tell me just how much they enjoyed his presentation and the meaning behind his words. In fact, many of the women who have attended this event for several years said that his talk was the best yet! To hear women say “Amen” in an Episcopal Church did my heart good. I thought Aaron had the perfect combination of humor, sincerity, and personal experiences. I believe that God truly led Aaron to us and he said exactly what we needed to hear on Friday night.”

Julie Boyd, Grace Episcopal Church

“Thank you so much for coming to St. Thomas to speak to the kids. I had numerous parents text me that there kids came home very excited about helping the homeless and making a difference in their communities.”

Megan Berry, Saint Thomas Aquinas School

“Mr. Brown delivered a powerful message that all students should hear. He was able to connect with kids in a way that will motivate them to find a way to make a positive difference in our world. We look forward to having Aaron back to speak with our students soon!”

Jediah Behny, Superintendent at Charles A. Beard School Corp.

“Aaron Brown is one of my favorite TEDxFortWayne faculty members! Through poignant humor and emotional appeal, his story inspires and challenges people both personally and professionally. I continue to ask him to speak in front our various C Level communities, as he highlights the value of corporate & community responsibility from firsthand experience. Be careful though, he may challenge you to become a better you!”

Craig Crook, Founder of TedX Fort Wayne

Aaron not only brings a great message but an abundance of energy that will captivate and inspire your students! My students look forward to his presentation every year. This interactive performance pushes students to be their best and to not let excuses get in the way. Aaron has a dynamic presence that pulls the students right in. My students walked away feeling ready to tackle their goals! You do not miss out on this opportunity to engage and inspire your students, your church and your community.”

Danielle Carmicheal, Principal at Knightstown Elementary

After reading Aaron’s story in the newspaper, I immediately contacted him to schedule a visit to our organization.  His family was prompt, willing to help, and had great ideas.  I then asked Aaron to speak to a group of volunteer coordinators, school leaders, and fundraising professionals.  His story of moving from casual participant, to donor, to board member, to board chair is what all non-profit leaders strive to achieve.  His talk, what I called ‘the good, the bad, and the not too ugly’ of volunteering was more than I had hoped for.  It was encouraging, enlightening, and I am confident that many of the attendees left that day with ways to improve the volunteer experience.  His homespun Southern-style made the presentation all-the-more enjoyable.  I wish Aaron and Impact 52 well and I know his movement will ‘take off’ nationally and internationally.  I look forward to watching the blog grow from 52, 104, 156, and beyond!  When the movie is made I can say ‘I knew it when is was only in its 20th week.”

JD, The Burn Council of Northern Indiana