Impact 52

Day 14: Brighten Someone’s Day

I have debated all evening about writing this post.  This morning’s tragic event in Newtown, Connecticut has left me in shock.  I struggle to comprehend and understand why something like this could happen.  They were children.  Young, innocent children who had so much life ahead of them.  Today’s horrific news has made everything seem so insignificant.  Nothing else really matters in this moment.  That is why I was unsure about writing tonight.  Then, I had a thought.  On a day in which the world has been dominated by the stories of young lives lost, I needed something positive.  I needed to write this post.  So that is what I am doing.

I set out this morning, before hearing about the Newtown news, to brighten someone’s day.  I hope that is what I accomplished.  My first attempt happened while in the drive-thru at McDonald’s.  While in line, I made the decision to sing to the lady taking my order.  As I approached the window, I debated on what I was going to sing.  And then, I had the answer.  I pulled up to window and started to sing “Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer”.  A poor rendition I am sure.  She gave me a strange look followed by a smile.  A few others heard my stellar performance and gathered closer.  They smiled, laughed, and even gave me a few claps.  I believe fun was had by all.

Impact 52 sings at McDonalds

My second attempt at brightening someone’s day happened in a strange place……in the middle of the road. I was stopped behind a few cars at a local railroad tracks.  While waiting, I decided to jump out of the car and wish the occupants of the car in front of me a Merry Christmas.  I did so with a couple of candy canes.  As I approached the car, I was greeted with strange and puzzled looks.  I wasn’t sure if they would roll down the window or not.  Thankfully, they did not fear me and they rolled down the window.  I wished them a Merry Christmas, gave them the candy canes, and told them to have an outstanding day.  They smiled, accepted my kind gesture, and thanked me.  Mission accomplished.


The goal was to brighten the day of others today and I hope I that is what I did.  I enjoyed the day, before I heard the tragic news.  After learning about the events in Newtown the rest of day dragged on.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Newtown.  As I sit here with my daughter tonight, I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child.

Tomorrow is Day 15 of the 25 Days of Giving.  We are calling it The Unexpected.  We will give gift cards away to random individuals throughout the day.  Should be a great way to positively impact others on a Saturday.


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