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Impact 52 began seven years ago as a family service project. We were called to get involved in our community and make our world a better place. We wanted to show our children, who were 9 and 12 years old at the time, the importance of volunteerism and giving. We also wanted to show them that the world didn’t revolve around them.

The concept was simple. We, as a family, set out to volunteer once a week for 52 weeks. Hence the name, Impact 52. The goal was to work with as many organizations as possible during the year in an effort to expose our girls to the many great organizations that serve community. The journey was amazing. Each week we learned as the volunteer experience became the teacher and we became the students. We learned a lot about ourselves as individuals, a married couple, a family, and valuable lessons about life, love and heartache. To say that the project was life-changing is an understatement. Service became a part of our life. 52 weeks became 104, 104 became 156 and 156 became 208. Yep, that’s right. We served together as family each week for 4 years. During that time we served with more than 170 nonprofit organizations and causes in an effort to make a difference in the community while inspiring others to take action in their communities.  The life-changing stories and experiences were shared here through our blog.  We encourage you to go back through the archives and read about some of our experiences.

Today, we continue our mission. Life has changed so it looks different, but we still strive to make the world a better place. We continue to serve in various capacities, speak and share our testimonies, connect people to service opportunities and help nonprofits become better at what they do.

We do not know what is next. We will continue on this path doing what we can to make a difference.


10306231_10203741975419601_917107224028049299_nAaron and Erica Brown are a husband and wife duo who share a passion for community.  They met while attending Central Michigan University, fell in love, and started a family 19 years ago. They have two beautiful girls (Kelsi, Makenna) and three dogs (Luka, Lilly, Peanut). They currently reside in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The creation of Impact 52 has given them the opportunity to impact the lives of their children and others in the community. They know they have a responsibility to model a life of giving and service for others to see.




Aaron M. Brown is husband to his beautiful wife and father to two beautiful daughters. He is a children’s book author on a mission to empower and inspire today’s youth. He loves to speak and engage audiences of all ages. Aaron spent many years in the corporate world before answering the call to enter the nonprofit and ministry fields. Aaron currently serves as the National Director of Operations for Destiny Rescue, an organization that rescues children trapped in sexual exploitation. In his free time Aaron enjoys sports, coffee and making people smile.

Connect with Aaron:

  • Twitter – @AarBrown
  • Instagram – @AarBrown
  • Snapchat – @Aar_Brown
  • Facebook – Aaron M. Brown

Erica Brown is wife to a silly husband and mother to two incredible daughters. She is a strong willed spirit, control freak and volunteer. She is a graphic designer and photographer and is currently pursing her visual communications degree at the University of Saint Francis.

Connect with Erica:



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