About Us

Impact 52 is a family service project that was created to make an impact in the community.  Since its creation the Brown family has served with more than 170 nonprofit organizations and causes in an effort to make a difference in the community while inspiring others to take action in their communities.  The life-changing stories and experiences are shared here through our blog.  We encourage you to follow our story, volunteer with us, and help us change the world.



10306231_10203741975419601_917107224028049299_nAaron and Erica Brown are a husband and wife duo who share a passion for community.  They met while attending Central Michigan University, fell in love, and started a family 18 years ago. They have two beautiful girls (Kelsi, Makenna) and three dogs (Luka, Lilly, Peanut). They currently reside in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The creation of Impact 52 gives them the opportunity to serve in the community while teaching the girls the importance of giving to others.  They know that when you choose to act, you can have impact.


Aaron | husband, father, author, leader, speaker, mentor, sports fan and a community advocate.

Erica | wife, mother, photographer, strong willed spirit, control freak and volunteer.


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