Impact 52

Day 1: Candy Canes

Today we kicked off our annual 25 Days of Giving with a day we called Candy Canes. We spent the day handing out candy canes to classmates, co-workers, and complete strangers. It was a simple way to say "Happy Monday", "Happy December", "Merry Christmas", or "Thank you". The first candy canes of the day were… Continue reading Day 1: Candy Canes

Impact 52

Day 14: Brighten Someone’s Day

I have debated all evening about writing this post.  This morning's tragic event in Newtown, Connecticut has left me in shock.  I struggle to comprehend and understand why something like this could happen.  They were children.  Young, innocent children who had so much life ahead of them.  Today's horrific news has made everything seem so… Continue reading Day 14: Brighten Someone’s Day