School Visits

Aaron is on a mission to inspire and empower children to live their lives to the fullest. He loves to visit schools and share life-giving messages with students. He shares his heart, life experiences, love of writing and humor in an effort to connect with children of all ages.

“Thank you Aaron for visiting our school. The students were engaged and loved every minute. They really enjoyed your visit and learned a lesson to apply to their daily lives. The presentation was very motivating. We are looking forward to more visits to our school when your new books are released.” Christy Hopper, Royerton Elementary

“Mr. Brown delivered a powerful message that all students should hear. He was able to connect with kids in a way that will motivate them to find a way to make a positive difference in our world. We look forward to having Aaron back to speak with our students soon!”  Jediah Behny, Superintendent at Charles A. Beard Schools.

Aaron tailors each school visit to meet the needs of the school and its students. A school visit might consist of:

  • full school assembly
  • individual grade-level presentations
  • classroom discussions
  • book readings
  • discussion of the writing, publishing and marketing process
  • interactive presentations featuring dancing, singing and laughing
  • question and answer periods


The fee for a school visit varies based on each individual school. Aaron considers the school’s size, school’s budget, presentation type and time commitment when determining the cost. He wants to make it work for all schools. Travel, hotel and meal expenses are covered by the school if Aaron has to travel outside of his local area. Discounts are available to schools that help Aaron secure additional visits in their area.

Book a Visit, Give a Visit

Schools have the opportunity to gift a visit to another school in their area. Budget constraints keep some schools from being able to afford to bring Aaron, or other speakers, into their schools. Students miss out on the positive, encouraging message when this happens. Schools can book a visit with Aaron and gift a visit to another school at a reduced rate. To learn more, please email Aaron at

Virtual Visits

Virtual school visits are a great way to connect Aaron with your students at a low-cost. We do not want your budget constraints to keep you from experiencing what Aaron has to offer. Virtual visits can be done via Google Hangout, Skype or Zoom. 30 minutes sessions are $50 and 1 hour sessions are $100.


Are you ready to engage, inspire and empower your students? Want to learn more about bringing Aaron to your school? Fill out the request form below and start the process today!