Linnie Mae’s New Friends

Linnie Mae's New Friends







Summary: Linnie Mae is a 9 year old girl who lives a comfortable life in the suburbs with her parents. She has not spent much time in the city and definitely does not understand the homeless. Her mind is filled with negative stereotypes and scary images of those who sleep on streets. In one night, her attitude completely changes. During a volunteer excursion with her family, Linnie Mae meets some interesting people and hears some intriguing stories. In the end, she makes a connection with those she met and learns that all people are people. A homeless person is a person with a story just like her. LINNIE MAE’S NEW FRIENDS is a kid’s picture book about investing time in others, offering a helping hand, and personal self-discovery.

Author: Aaron M. Brown

Illustrated by: Paulina Ganucheau

Published: 2013

Price: $5.49 +tax/s&h


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“We gave copies of your book to family for Christmas and they all loved it. Great story. Important message.”

“I loved the storyline and so did my children. The discussions that followed were priceless. Highly, highly recommended!”

“What a great message about both volunteering and breaking down stereotypes! I look forward to many more books to come!”

“A good book for anyone to read, not just children. Our entire family has read this, and I will be sharing it with others to read as well. We are all guilty of judging people we don’t even know. This book is a good example of how you should get to know people before you put them into a specific category. Wish our kids would see more of these stories on television as well, instead of what is on. Great storyline! I wish there was even more to read. Bring on more!”

“This book is a valuable resource for others, especially children, to step outside of their comfort zone and do something for their community. The book is an excellent conversation starter.”

“Fantastic book showing children that there are more fulfilling and rewarding things in helping others and making a difference! Highly recommend this book!”

“The message in this story is impactful. All children, and adults, would benefit from reading this book!”

” Great book. I look forward to the series and eventually seeing it as a tv series on PBS”