Check out Impact 52 in the news!  We have been very blessed to have had opportunities to share our story.


Neighborlink Fort Wayne- July 2011 (3:20)

My AHA Moment- August 2011 (1:44)

The Verbal Edge- November 2012 (2:09)

Indiana Newscenter- INSIGHT: December 2012 (5:39)

Comcast Newsmakers: January 2013

Indiana Newscenter- INSIGHT: April 2013 (9:36)

On the Road with Randi Lincoln: April 2013 (25:52)

Monday Morning Jolt: April 2013 (18:22)

IN Fort Wayne- Hidden Gem: November 2013 (3:12)

Indiana Newscenter INSIGHT: December 2013- 25 Days of Giving (5:30)

Indiana Newscenter INSIGHT: December 2013 – Sweet Surprise (2:08)


WBCL Radio Interview- September 2013

Fort Wayne Speaks Podcast- July 2012


coming soon


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