Impact 52

A Rainbow Loom of Good

Rainbow Loom bracelets are all the craze. Children of all ages are sporting colorful bracelets, necklaces, and rings made of small rubber bands.  These unique pieces of jewelry can be found in our house. MaKenna bought a loom months ago and she started making bracelets of her own.  I am actually wearing an orange, red,… Continue reading A Rainbow Loom of Good

Impact 52

Blankets, Bracelets, and Smiles

This week's volunteer activity was set up and performed by MaKenna.  These are her words: I have been wanting to do something to impact kids in a local hospital.  This week, I finally was able to make it happen.  My friend and I made the decision to make blankets and bracelets to be delivered to… Continue reading Blankets, Bracelets, and Smiles

Impact 52

Empowering Children To Change the World

A few weeks ago, our youngest daughter came to us with an idea.  An idea that centered around others, specifically those that are homeless and in shelters.  A population that MaKenna (age 12) has learned about, spent time with, and helped over the last couple of years.  Those encounters and experiences have lit a passion… Continue reading Empowering Children To Change the World