Impact 52

Volunteering With One Of Our Favorites

We love the Fort Wayne Pet Food Pantry. It is one of the organizations that we serve with every year.  We love their mission. We love the cause. We love pets. We love the people. For the second year in a row, we volunteered at the annual Summer Pup-nic and Ice Cream Social. The Fort Wayne… Continue reading Volunteering With One Of Our Favorites

Impact 52

Adopt, Do Not Shop

If you watch any TV at all, you are probably familiar with the ASPCA commercials.  You know them.  They are gut-wrenching commercials that feature the sad faces, the hopeless eyes, and the malnourished bodies of shelters animals.  In the background, singer Sarah Mclachlan sings a tune that bellows in the bottom of your soul. If… Continue reading Adopt, Do Not Shop

Impact 52

Day 11: Help a Furry Friend

Last week, our family suffered the loss of a loved one.  Our greyhound Mustang lost his battle to cancer and passed away Thursday morning.  His playful antics, awkward sleeping positions, and his unconditional love filled our hearts with joy each and every day.  Today, we continue to mourn his death.  His absence in our home… Continue reading Day 11: Help a Furry Friend