Impact 52

Greyhounds In The Park

We love animals, especially dogs.  Greyhounds are a favorite.  Greyhounds are a docile and easy-going breed of dog that make for great pets.  We should know, we have adopted three retired racing greyhounds into our family over the years.  Jag (racing name Jagged Puzzle) raced in Daytona, Florida before becoming a beloved member of our… Continue reading Greyhounds In The Park

Impact 52

Day 11: Help a Furry Friend

Last week, our family suffered the loss of a loved one.  Our greyhound Mustang lost his battle to cancer and passed away Thursday morning.  His playful antics, awkward sleeping positions, and his unconditional love filled our hearts with joy each and every day.  Today, we continue to mourn his death.  His absence in our home… Continue reading Day 11: Help a Furry Friend

Impact 52

A Greyt Cause

Seven years ago we adopted a greyhound. We had no idea in that moment that the decision would change our lives forever. Jagged Puzzle was an ex-racer who had lived and raced in Daytona, Florida. After retirement, he was rescued by an organization in Indianapolis that rescues, cares for, and finds homes for these hounds.… Continue reading A Greyt Cause