Impact 52

Reconnecting With Old Friends

We stood in the shadows of the downtown library talking about the happenings of life.  We discussed the recent challenges that we have encountered and the obstacles that lie ahead. We smiled and laughed at bad jokes and off-the-cuff remarks.  Just like two childhood friends that reconnected after many months, we enjoyed great conversation and the time together.… Continue reading Reconnecting With Old Friends

Impact 52

Adopt, Do Not Shop

If you watch any TV at all, you are probably familiar with the ASPCA commercials.  You know them.  They are gut-wrenching commercials that feature the sad faces, the hopeless eyes, and the malnourished bodies of shelters animals.  In the background, singer Sarah Mclachlan sings a tune that bellows in the bottom of your soul. If… Continue reading Adopt, Do Not Shop