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Volunteering With One Of Our Favorites

We love the Fort Wayne Pet Food Pantry. It is one of the organizations that we serve with every year.  We love their mission. We love the cause. We love pets. We love the people. For the second year in a row, we volunteered at the annual Summer Pup-nic and Ice Cream Social.

The Fort Wayne Pet Food Pantry’s mission is to keep pets at home with their families. They provide pet food at no cost to pet owners who are struggling to feed their pets. The inability to provide food leads individuals and families to surrender their beloved animals to local shelters. Over the course of time, shelters become overcrowded and many animals are euthanized. Not only does the FWPFP save the lives of animals, but they also reduce the stresses of not being able to provide for your pet while preserving the loving relationships that exist.

Last year’s Pup-nic was a huge success.  We managed the children’s area where we hosted games for the children.  This year, we participated in a different way.  First, we acted as greeters at the main entrance of the event.  We welcomed each person who attended and handed out goodie bags filled with dog toys and coupons.  It was a simple task. Anyone can smile and make others feel welcome.  That is really all it takes.  A warm greeting goes a long way with people.

Impact 52 volunteers at the Pupnic

We also set up a table and sold copies of our first children’s book LINNIE MAE’S NEW FRIENDS.  We donated 100% of the proceeds from each book sold during the event to the Pet Food Pantry. We didn’t set the world on fire so the donation was not a large sum of money. We do know, however, that it will buy a few bags of pet food and/or treats.

Volunteering is always an awesome experience. It is even better when you serve with an organization that values you, your family, and your time.  We have served with over 130 organizations since we began this journey.  The Fort Wayne Pet Food Pantry is near the top of our list of favorites.

What is your favorite organization and what makes them great?


2 thoughts on “Volunteering With One Of Our Favorites”

  1. What is my favorite organization?  I would love to tell you about it and  you may even have an interest in it yourself!  About 1994 I became involved with The Christ Child Festival Committee.  Fort Wayne is the only chapter of some 100 cities who once hosted the event to proclaim that “We Believe Christ was born”.  At the time I came on board there were about 5 of the original members trying to keep the dream alive.  Most of the board members were 80-85 years old.  Wally Borchelt, founder of Borchelt Electric,and the last of the  chartered members of the festival  committee recently passed away . God has brought Judy Hapke to the table to give the organization new direction and we are looking for advisors, volunteers, committee leaders and people with a desire to serve the community.  We will be having a meeting this Thursday Eve at 7:00 at Heritage Mission on HWY 3 near Huntertown.  You are welcome to attend and gather more details.  The Christ Child Festival was “birthed” in 1951.  I find it really interesting that God in His Wisdom, would bring Judy Hapke who has saved hundreds of babies from abortion to now work to save  “The Christ Child”.  My first job with The Christ child Festival was to transport the nativity scene that once was displayed at The Allen County Courthouse but no longer could be on government property.  The Christ Child Festival  has become  a cause for me to protect The Family, Faith, and Freedom.  We would welcome your energy. Some of the current board members are Judy Hapke, Annette Maines, Don Duff, Mike Halign, Chis and Dar from Dars on North Clinton , Sally Hamilton and myself, Leann White.  Last year we held the festival at Saint Francis performing arts center but this year we are using the theme, Christmas In The Park, at Franke park.   Leann White 260-422-2312  @

    1. Leann, thank you so much for sharing! We are definitely interested in learning more about the Christ Child Festival and to see if there is a fit for us to get involved.

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