Impact 52

Empowering Children To Change the World

A few weeks ago, our youngest daughter came to us with an idea.  An idea that centered around others, specifically those that are homeless and in shelters.  A population that MaKenna (age 12) has learned about, spent time with, and helped over the last couple of years.  Those encounters and experiences have lit a passion in her heart that led to the creation of a new outreach project that will she will run, manage, and grow.  Although it will be part of Impact 52 and our quest to spread the Gividemic, she will be in charge.  The name of the project will be Socks of Hope.  It will be an outreach ministry that will collect and donate new and lightly used socks to organizations that support those living on the streets and delivered to spots in our city and other cities where those in transition call home.  Warm, dry socks are important to the homeless and we have seen it firsthand during our volunteer excursions.  Her idea fills a need that exists in our community.  We are in the early stages of creation and planning with logos, collection ideas, and distribution plans.  It is an exciting time as we prepare to launch this new initiative.

MaKenna on the streets helping the homeless
MaKenna on the streets helping the homeless

Kelsi (age 15) is leading another new venture called Tang & Lil Designs (named after two of our dogs).  She, along with Erica, are making handmade bracelets, necklaces, flower crowns, rings and other accessories.  Proceeds from each sale will go to support Impact 52 and other organizations in our community.  Kelsi wanted to find additional ways to give back and support our community.  You can learn more about Tang & Lil Designs and see some of the great stuff for sale by visiting the website.

Kelsi at the Allen County SPCA
Kelsi at the Allen County SPCA

Watching our girls grow into compassionate young women who are willing to take action to positively impact others has been amazing.  It is hard to put into words just how proud we are them.  We are well beyond proud.  We wanted to teach them certain values and about the importance of caring for others through volunteerism and service.  We never would have imagined the transformation that has taken place.  It truly has been life changing!

We, as parents, adults, and a community, must ensure that children understand that they have the power to make a difference.  Rich or poor, black or white, American or Hispanic, it doesn’t matter.  Everyone can do it.  All people, all children, have the opportunity to make this world a better place for others.  We just have to make the choice, the commitment, to expose our children to it and teach them the valuable lessons that are needed.  No child is too young.  No child is too poor.   Let’s do our part!  I can speak from experience.  It works!  Help us spread the Gividemic.  Let’s infect our children. Let’s empower them to change the world!


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