Impact 52

A Rainbow Loom of Good

Rainbow Loom bracelets are all the craze. Children of all ages are sporting colorful bracelets, necklaces, and rings made of small rubber bands.  These unique pieces of jewelry can be found in our house. MaKenna bought a loom months ago and she started making bracelets of her own.  I am actually wearing an orange, red, and yellow one right now.

In December, MaKenna decided to make bracelets and blankets that were delivered to children in one of our local hospitals.  The experience was wonderful.  The reactions, the responses, and the smiles that she received were very special.  Take a minute and revisit her words in a post titled “Blankets, Bracelets, and Smiles”.

This week we learned about a group called Create A Blessing. They collect Rainbow Loom bracelets and rings and they deliver them to kids in hospitals, in chemotherapy and radiation, and living in homeless shelters.  They, like MaKenna, know first hand how one little bracelet can brighten the day of a sick child.  One little bracelet can, and does, put a smile on the face of a child that needs it. After tutelage from our resident expert, the entire family spent time this week making bracelets.

We made big ones, little ones, mult-colored ones, and camouflage ones.  In some instances the bracelets took minutes, in others (those created by me) it took much longer.  We laughed.  We joked.  We smiled.  We had fun spending that time together.  The bracelets have been packaged up and will be sent to Create A Blessing in California.

Impact 52 uses Rainbow Loom

Impact 52 makes bracelets for Create A Blessing

If you have a Rainbow Loom in your home make some jewelry for some kids in your community.  Drop them off at a local school, shelter, hospital, or children’s social service organization.  Drop some in the mail for the great folks at Create A Blessing.  Do some good with that loom.  It is a great, and easy, way to get your kids exposed to the pleasure of giving and helping others.  You may even have some fun in the process.


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