Impact 52

Day 15: The Unexpected

It is hard to believe that it is the 15th of December.  The first few weeks of the month have flown by and Christmas will be here before we know it.  Today was day 15 of our 25 Days of Giving.  We purchased some $5 gift cards from various quick-serve restaurants to be handed out to individuals in our community.  Our hope was to bring smiles to faces of strangers who we come in contact with on a normal day.  Each gift card would be given at random with a smile and the warmest of Christmas wishes.

We handed the gift cards out throughout the day.  The responses, as we expected, were unbelievable.  One couple thanked us, gave us God’s blessing, and shook our hand.  Another individual smiled and said “Wow!  This is unexpected and great!  Thank you”.  We even had one person tell us that we made her night.  These were not big gifts.  Each gift card was only five dollars.  It just shows that it is truly the thought that counts.  It was obvious by the reactions we witnessed today that small, unexpected gifts can make an impact.

Impact 52 gives away gift cards

Tomorrow we will donate change to support the Ronald McDonald House on day 16.  Visit your local McDonald’s, buy your favorite soda or sandwich, and donate your change.  The entire donation will stay local in your community and benefit the Ronald McDonald House in your neighborhood.  If you do not have a McDonald’s in your community, find another worthy cause, donate your change, and be the change!


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