Impact 52

What Are You Waiting For? Go and Grow

As 2015 drew to a close my heart began to stir. A feeling of restlessness began to set in. As the days went on that feeling of being stuck grew stronger. Don't get me wrong. Things were good and my life was filled with many blessings. I just had these feelings of stagnation and discontent.… Continue reading What Are You Waiting For? Go and Grow

Impact 52

The Ultimate Power Tool

A paintbrush is a power tool. When you think about power tools you probably don't think about paintbrushes.  You think about nail guns, electric screwdrivers, chainsaws, and drills.  You think about tools that are powered by electricity and rechargeable batteries.  The ultimate power tool doesn't have a cord or a battery. It cannot shoot nails at the… Continue reading The Ultimate Power Tool

Guest Post

I Want To Empower Women

Raised the daughter of a Baptist pastor, I have always had a desire for helping others, but I never knew in what avenue or even if I was mature or equipped enough for the task. So I spent much of my youth in Richmond, VA (where I was born and raised) pouring into needy and… Continue reading I Want To Empower Women