Impact 52

The Ultimate Power Tool

A paintbrush is a power tool. When you think about power tools you probably don’t think about paintbrushes.  You think about nail guns, electric screwdrivers, chainsaws, and drills.  You think about tools that are powered by electricity and rechargeable batteries.  The ultimate power tool doesn’t have a cord or a battery. It cannot shoot nails at the speed of light nor can it chop a tree to pieces.  It can, however, change lives in a few strokes.  You may not believe me, but a paintbrush is the ultimate power tool.  Let me tell you why.

A Paintbrush is a powerful tool

A paintbrush makes things new.  A coat of fresh paint can represent new beginnings.  The scars, the hurts, and the pains of the past are covered up and forgotten. With just a few strokes, a room is transformed. The mood changes. The environment improves. A paintbrush generates smiles and feelings of hope.

A paintbrush creates conversation. Painting with your children gives you the opportunity to talk. In a quiet room, crammed into a corner, conversation takes place.  New boyfriends are discovered. Life goals are uncovered. Life’s challenges are discussed. A father’s pride can be expressed.  With conversation comes laughter.  Painting with your children allows you to be silly, annoying, and weird (all of which are completely okay by the way). A paintbrush creates conversation and moments for a family that would have never existed.

A paintbrush gives perspective.  When you take the time to help a neighbor in need via painting you gain new perspectives on life.  You become grateful for the things you possess, the home you live in, the relationships you have, and the people who you call family.  Painting truly can be life changing for the painter.  We have done many painting projects over the last four years and each one has been an awesome teacher. We have learned a lot about ourselves, our family, and our community through painting. We have new perspective and we can give credit to the paintbrush.

A paintbrush builds new relationships.  We have met many people through painting.  Many have been recipients of our work and have become friends through the process.  They have shared their hearts with us. We have heard their heartbreaking stories, witnessed their challenges firsthand, and heard their voices. We are thankful for these people and our new relationships.

A paintbrush enhances friendships. We have been blessed to have a group of men from our church help us paint the home of our friend Emma. These men are amazing and our relationships with them have grown exponentially during our time together.  We paint, we talk, we laugh. They have been there for us when we have needed help and we are very thankful for their giving hearts.  Through painting, acquaintances have become true friends. We know that they are there for us and we are always there for them.

Impact 52 and friends paint for a neighbor in need

A paintbrush changes lives. There isn’t much to say here.  We know that we have positively impacted the lives of people in our community by painting. We have painted fire hydrants for the city, the entire exterior of a home and garage, bedrooms, kitchens, dining halls, and community spaces. In the process, our lives have been changed forever.  We are not the same family that we were the first time we picked up a paintbrush.

See, I told you that a paintbrush is a power tool.  We encourage you to experience the power of a paintbrush. Grab your kids and some friends and paint for a neighbor. There is great need in our community, and all communities, for painting.  If you are in the Fort Wayne area, check out our friends at Neighborlink. They have a lot of painting projects that need volunteers. If you aren’t in our area, find an organization close to you that needs help.  Take action. Do something.

Pick up a paintbrush and experience the ultimate power tool!



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