Impact 52

New Children’s Book “Matty McNutt and His Big But” To Launch This Fall

In December of 2013 we published our first children's book and began our mission to educate, empower, and inspire the next generation of world-changers. "Linnie Mae's New Friends" taught children (and adults) that all people have value and that we should not pass judgement against them when we do not know their story. To date,… Continue reading New Children’s Book “Matty McNutt and His Big But” To Launch This Fall

Impact 52

The Ultimate Power Tool

A paintbrush is a power tool. When you think about power tools you probably don't think about paintbrushes.  You think about nail guns, electric screwdrivers, chainsaws, and drills.  You think about tools that are powered by electricity and rechargeable batteries.  The ultimate power tool doesn't have a cord or a battery. It cannot shoot nails at the… Continue reading The Ultimate Power Tool

Impact 52

Promoting The Arts, Building Community

We get asked all of the time about our volunteer activity and organizations selection process.  Our answer is always pretty simple.  First, we keep our ears and eyes open to the need around us.  When a need is announced, recognized, or discovered we try to jump on it to help out.  We have also created a… Continue reading Promoting The Arts, Building Community