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I Want To Empower Women

Raised the daughter of a Baptist pastor, I have always had a desire for helping others, but I never knew in what avenue or even if I was mature or equipped enough for the task. So I spent much of my youth in Richmond, VA (where I was born and raised) pouring into needy and misunderstood people. Some of it was good and fulfilling. Most of it was not. After giving all of myself freely, I soon began to realize that what I had to bring was not enough for most of these people. The taking never ended. Later I was to learn that there must be both a giving and a taking for change, peace, and fulfillment to occur on both ends. What I am trying to say is that the desire has always been there, but I’ve learned and still am learning how to help in ways that are effective for change and fulfillment on both ends.

Empowering others, particularly women, has not always been in the forefront of my mind as it is now. In fact, my good friend, Hilary Armstrong here in Fort Wayne will tell you how appalled she was when she first met me and heard me iterate, “I am just so happy that I am a wife so I can simply follow my husband’s will and not have to worry about having a will of my own.” Shocking right? You are probably wondering how I ever got to that point. But that is a story for another day!

After an emotionally destructive six-year relationship with who was then my husband, was when this desire came strong to support others in any way I can. My relationship ushered me into the world of pain and I began to realize that through much effort and introspection, I had learned many tools to help me recognize and deal with emotionally destructiveness in relationships. I wanted to use this for others. Whatever I have, whatever I have learned, I want to use to build heaven on earth—to help build a world full of peace, unity, courage, and unfettered love. I want to unite with other powerful and like-minded people so that through our strength and unity, we can make noticeable and lasting change.

So here comprises my efforts in a nutshell: I want to empower. I want to be the one who is bold enough, driven enough, vocal enough, to make something happen—not just to sit by and watch injustice and division have their way. It started very small with those near me and now I want to expand to Fort Wayne and then beyond God willing. If necessary, I want to be a voice for others who feel powerless and ultimately strengthen them in the ways God has gifted me so that their own voice may be heard and appreciated. Living and travelling in various countries has taught me how beautiful our uniqueness is and that we all have something very important that the world needs , something no one else can bring in quite the same way.

Jessica Crew

So after taking a long hard look at my talents, I’ve realized that my song-writing has naturally lent itself to facilitating this desire to empower and to help others release their pain. I also realized that I enjoy organizing;  so I am devising plans to hold various events—events that will encourage and lift people up. This brings me to my first big event coming up this Friday in fact! From 7:00pm-10:30pm on May 31, I will be hosting an event exclusively for women called “Let Her Sing!” This event will feature some of the top female singer-songwriters in the area as well as motivational speakers.  What I want to accomplish by the event is first of all, to provide a platform for women whose voices need to be heard and second, to inspire and build strength among our local women. I just want to give back in all the ways that I have been given to.

The money from my musicianship, writings and events will go towards future plans to empower young girls in particular. My business partner and I are devising plans for several girls’ schools around the world that will train them in academic excellence, relationships, personal well-being, etc. We are thinking through if these will be used to rescue girls from slave trafficking, as a home for orphaned girls and/or applicant-based. Basically, we want to give opportunities where there are very few and in so doing, raise up strong women who contribute much to the world at large. With God’s guidance, I am open to this vision reaching way beyond Fort Wayne.  If you would like to be a part of this in some way, whether through skills, promotion, finances, venues for events, etc., please contact Jessica Crew at God bless!

For more details about the event, check out this YouTube video.

If attending, please RSVP either through Facebook or our event website as seating is limited. If you are not able to come, consider making a donation on the website, a portion of which will be donated to the Center for Nonviolence.

About The Author

Jessica Crew is a singer-songwriter with a unique style reminiscent of Norah Jones, Tori Amos and Etta James -alternative soul, with a touch of jazz.  She hopes that her presence can be used by God to bring healing, freedom, and empowerment to others.


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