Impact 52

25 Days of Giving: The First Few Days

I am going to be honest. November 30th felt like Christmas Eve for me. I was energized and excited about Tuesday, December 1st. Why you may ask? The answer is simple. December 1st started our annual Christmas giving event. December 1st means the 25 Days of Giving. We are now on the brink of Day… Continue reading 25 Days of Giving: The First Few Days

Impact 52

Day 3: Love Letters

The world needs more love and encouragement. Messages of hope and support need to replace constant stream of negativity that fills our lives. We must let others know that we are here and that we care. Our priority should be to uplift others through kind words that are life-giving.  Today we tried to do that. Day… Continue reading Day 3: Love Letters

Impact 52

Love Letters for Strangers

"I know you are going through some things that are difficult.  Life is tough.  Some days you just want to give up and throw in the towel.  I understand my friend.  I, too, have experienced stormy seasons.  I want you to know that the storms will pass, the violent winds will calm, and the sun… Continue reading Love Letters for Strangers