Impact 52

Love Letters for Strangers

“I know you are going through some things that are difficult.  Life is tough.  Some days you just want to give up and throw in the towel.  I understand my friend.  I, too, have experienced stormy seasons.  I want you to know that the storms will pass, the violent winds will calm, and the sun will shine again.  It is hard, I know, but you can handle it.  You will overcome it.  You just have to keep pushing forward while remaining positive.  I want you to know that I am thinking about you and the bright days that lie ahead.  It will happen because you deserve it.  Keep fighting and keep smiling!”

These words were written for a stranger.  Someone that I had never met.  Someone that I will never meet.  A simple, from-the-heart message written in a love letter.  No, not the love letter you are thinking about.  It was a love letter for The World Needs More Love Letters, an organization lifting, empowering, and mobilizing individuals through tangible acts of love.  It is a tribe of individuals that are passionate about positively impacting others through the power of small things.  Sound familiar?  A perfect fit for us.

We spent the week writing more than 50 love letters (Erica wrote the majority).  These letters were meant to be encouraging, uplifting, and loving.  We wanted others to know that they are special.  We wanted them to know that they are loved.  We wanted them to know that they are not alone.  We opened our hearts and shared our story, our struggles, and our shortcomings.  Some contained poems, others were laced with scripture.  We just wrote and wrote and wrote.

Impact 52 writes love letters

The letters were left at random places around our city.  Coffee shops, bulletin boards, shelters, restaurants, and mailboxes, just to name a few.  We have no idea who picked them up or if they were ever read.  We hope that they were.  And we hope that the people who read them enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing them.

The world needs more love.  That it no secret.  Our world centers around ME, ME, and oh yeah, ME.  By loving each other, showing that we care, and being kind, it can shift to a world of WE.  That world, my friends, will be unbelievable.  It is the place that we want to be.


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