Impact 52

A Greyt Cause

Seven years ago we adopted a greyhound. We had no idea in that moment that the decision would change our lives forever. Jagged Puzzle was an ex-racer who had lived and raced in Daytona, Florida. After retirement, he was rescued by an organization in Indianapolis that rescues, cares for, and finds homes for these hounds. He quickly stole our hearts and became a member of our family. He was an amazing dog who we loved with all of our hearts. Earlier this year, we lost Jag to cancer. For seven years, he filled our lives with joy while creating memories that will never be forgotten. As I think about him to write this post, I am overcome with emotion. We all miss him very much. After a few months of mourning, we decided that we would rescue another greyhound. After visiting with some dogs that were up for adoption, we couldn’t pick just one. We decided to adopt two. Mustang and Lilly joined our family in July of this year. They both have great personalities that make us smile each and every day. All three of our greyhounds hold a special place in our hearts and we were very excited about this volunteer experience.

All-Star Greyhounds is a non-profit organization that provides adoption services for greyhounds. Their goal is to find responsible and loving homes for greyhounds who are no longer wanted for racing purposes, in animal shelters, or in need of a home. This organization is the type of organization that we used to rescue our three greys. All-Star Greyhounds locates dogs in need and transports them to our area. They find foster homes to care for and train the dogs while a forever home is sought. Greyhounds are a big breed of dog and there are many misconceptions an myths that people need to know. All-Star holds meet and greet sessions at local pet stores and festivals to spread the word about greyhounds and give people an opportunity to interact with dogs. This is exactly how we helped out.

We took Mustang and Lilly down to the Old Fort and helped All-Star participate in the Arch Fall Festival. We had a booth set up where individuals could get information about greyhounds and All-Star Greyhounds as an organization. e joined other volunteers who had brought their greys to help out. We spent the evening talking with festival goers about greyhounds and the adoption process. Our two babies enjoyed the beautiful evening and they were great representatives for the organization. The night ended with all of the dogs serenading the festival attendees and volunteers. Thanks to a fire truck siren, all of the dogs howled and sang as we packed up our stuff. This was the only sound they made during the entire evening.

We love greyhounds and all organizations that advocate and care for these wonderful dogs. All-Star Greyhounds serves an important mission. There are thousands of greyhounds across the globe that get euthanized each year after their racing careers are over. We cannot continue to let that happen and organizations like All-Star Greyhounds is working to minimize those numbers. You can visit to learn more about the organization, greyhounds, and the adoption process. Make sure you check out the awesome photos of the dogs up for adoption. If you are in the market for a dog, please consider adopting a greyhound. Maybe one of these 50 mph couch potatoes can change your life. I do know one thing as fact. If you decide to adopt a greyhound, it will be a greyt decision.


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