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New Children’s Book “Matty McNutt and His Big But” To Launch This Fall

In December of 2013 we published our first children’s book and began our mission to educate, empower, and inspire the next generation of world-changers. “Linnie Mae’s New Friends” taught children (and adults) that all people have value and that we should not pass judgement against them when we do not know their story. To date, it has touched thousands of lives around the country and the feedback we have received has been encouraging. Linnie Mae was the first book in a series of books that we want to share with children that feature real, uplifting messages. Our vision is a library of stories that change the way children think, behave, act and love.

Today, we take the next step towards that vision by officially announcing the launch of our next book. So, ladies and gentlemen, we announce to you that “Matty McNutt and His Big But” is scheduled for publication this fall. Matty McNutt is a typical little boy who loves music, skateboarding and his favorite hat. He is also a boy who makes a lot of excuses and those excuses keep him from living his life to the fullest. His constant use of the word “but” leads to a comment by his mother that affects Matty in a big way. It is a fun story with a serious message that will connect with children of all ages, teachers and parents.

Matty McNutt Cover Final

We have partnered with a local illustrator named Justin Moss on this project. He is a graduate of the University of Saint Francis and a lover of comic books. He has done an amazing job bringing the story to life through his illustrations. You will absolutely love his work.

Information about specific publish dates, a launch team, a book tour, and pre-orders will be announced in the coming weeks. We hope you will come alongside us as we work to impact the lives of children everyone. You can follow the progress and get updates on the project through our blog and all of our social media channels.

Thank you for ongoing love and support. We appreciate you!



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