Impact 52

A Very Sweet Valentine

The last few weeks have been all about love.  Last week we shared encouragement and kindness through handwritten love letters.  This week we handed out sweet treats for Valentine’s Day.  Erica used her unbelievable skills in the kitchen (yes, they are unbelievable) to make some of our favorite desserts….Rice Krispie treats, chocolate covered pretzels, and sugar cookies…..for some special people in our community.

Impact 52 delivers sweet treats

The goodies were packaged and delivered to various locations on Valentine’s Day.  The Lutheran Children’s hospital staff received the baked goods while many of the children received cards and handmade bracelets.  It was awesome to see the excitement of the nurses when they saw the Rice Krispie Treats.  Everyone loves a good Rice Krispie treat, right?  Cards and other treats were delivered to Miller’s Merry Manor.  This senior and nursing home has become near and dear to our heart as we have made deliveries there many times in the past.  Again, the reactions and responses of staff and residents was unforgettable.

We wrote in our last blog post that the world needs more love.  This week we want to re-emphasize that notion.  Our world is filled with hatred, bigotry, conflict, war, and deceit (just to scratch the surface).  There is not enough love.  When you take time to show others that you care, that you are thinking of them, and express genuine love for them, you make an impact.

Everyone wants to be recognized.

Everyone wants to acknowledged.

Everyone wants to be loved.

We encourage you to love others.  Giving is an easy way to express it.  When you Give, you love.  When you love, you impact.  Give. Love. Impact.  It can truly be that simple.


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