Impact 52

Day 20: Book Donation

As a community, we must get books into the hands of children.  Especially children who live in poverty.  Children in families that live below the poverty line are less likely to read at home and less likely to be read to by an adult.  Limited resources keep these families from building a library of book at home.  It is a proven fact that the more books that a child has in the home the better the reading proficiency.  That is why it is so important for all of us to do our part and share the joys of reading with children.  For our day 20 task, we did just that.

We donated about 30 new books to SCAN, an organization whose mission is to eliminate the abuse and neglect of children through family services, education, and community partnerships.  The books donated will be used as gifts for many children who might not have any Christmas presents under their tree this year.  These are the children who need books the most.  They deserve the opportunity to explore, learn, and grow just like you and me.  We hope our small donation today brighten’s the day of a child in our area.

Impact 52 donates books

SCAN staff

Tomorrow is day 21 and we encourage you to leave a generous tip during lunch or dinner.  Surprise your waiter or waitress by leaving an unexpected gratuity.  They perform a service for us they we do not appreciate enough.  Show your appreciation tomorrow by giving a little extra!


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