Impact 52

Organized Chaos For A Great Cause

Every spring hundreds of people gather at the Mason Temple in downtown Fort Wayne to support a great cause.  They come together to support an organization that works tirelessly to end and prevent child abuse in our community.  The organization is SCAN (Stop Child Abuse & Neglect) and the event is the Brown Bag Lunch. SCAN… Continue reading Organized Chaos For A Great Cause

Impact 52

A Brown Bag Lunch To Stop Abuse

What is child abuse?  Could you properly define it if someone asked?  We could ask one hundred people and we would probably get one hundred different answers.  I am sure that many definitions would be similar, but few would be the exact same.  This is something that needs to be addressed.  One of the best… Continue reading A Brown Bag Lunch To Stop Abuse

Impact 52

Day 20: Book Donation

As a community, we must get books into the hands of children.  Especially children who live in poverty.  Children in families that live below the poverty line are less likely to read at home and less likely to be read to by an adult.  Limited resources keep these families from building a library of book… Continue reading Day 20: Book Donation