Impact 52

Day 19: Donate Blood

Right now there are men, women, and children in hospital rooms in need of your blood, your plasma, your platelets.  They have serious illnesses, are awaiting blood transfusions, and preparing for surgery.  You could be the individual who saves these lives.  All you have to do is give up some time and donate.  Tonight I donated platelets at the American Red Cross.  In all, the process of donating platelets took approximately three hours from start to finish.  It is an easy three hours.  Where else can you help to save a life while watching basketball and eating candy?  I have donated platelets on many occasions and each time I am thankful for the caring staff who makes the process comfortable.  There is a critical need for blood and platelets right now.  It feels good to know that my donation tonight just might make someone’s Christmas a little brighter.  If you were unable to donate today, make time over the next few weeks to make it happen.  Give the gift of blood.  Those in need will greatly appreciate it!

Impact 52 visits the American Red Cross

Tomorrow we will share the joys of reading by making a book donation.  We hope that you will do the same.  Donate books to a non-profit organization, a local school or church, or donate them to a family living in poverty.  We must get books in the hands of children so that they can explore, learn, and grow.


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