Impact 52

We are Blessed with Things to Give

We live blessed lives.  We often forget it.  As people, we get caught up in what possessions we have, the money we’ve earned, and the things that we want.  Our eyes become laser focused on things that cloud our minds and the true treasures in life sit quietly in the shadows while we strive for more, more, and more.  We cannot get enough and we live with hefty level of dissatisfaction.

I say we because we all do it.  Our family is no different.  We are not perfect.  We have flaws.  And I will not stand on top of the mountain and pretend and say something different.  I, our family, unlike others is willing to openly admit it.  This journey in volunteerism, service, and giving has put in precarious situations that have opened our eyes life’s blessings. We now have an accurate look at our lives and understand just how lucky we are.  We now understand that the things we once thought were important are not.  We realize that our abundance, once not enough, is more than we need.  We are blessed with things that we can give.

Did you know that 75% of the world sleeps without a bed? I had never really looked at my bed as a blessing.  Did you know that millions of people die every year because they are forced to drink dirty water that contains feces, bacteria, and disease?  I run my shower as I walk around the house and I water my lawn for extended periods of time.  Did you know that 300 million children in the world live without shoes?  I have many pairs, most of which I never wear.  Did you know that there are men, women, and children right now in our city who do not have a coat, a shirt, or pair of pants.  I regularly complain that I have nothing to wear for the day and my closet is full of clothes.  I live my life in abundance and I do not blink an eye at it.

I will never live a life free of selfishness and desire to have things, but I am working to ensure that I am sharing my blessings with others.  This is our family commitment.  We decided to start the new year strong by giving up some of our abundance.  We all took time and cleaned out our closets, our dressers, the boxes in the garage, and every hidden nook in the house.  We had things that others needed and we wanted to share them.  This week we delivered bags of clothing, furniture, and household goods to a number of organizations that serve the needy of our community.  We will not be there when the end-user receives these items and that is okay.  We know the impact that they can, and will, have.

We want to challenge you to do the same.  Realize that you live a life of abundance.  You have more than you need and you have things that you can give.  Others are in desperate need of what you have and what you do not use.  Take time for a new year purge.  Donate items to a local shelter, to a family, or an organization that can benefit from your gift.  You, like us, are blessed with things to give!

If you are in the Fort Wayne area, consider making donations to these great organizations and causes:

Forgotten Children Worldwide

The Fort Wayne Rescue Mission

Street Reach for the Homeless

The Franciscan Center

The Aids Task Force

Mustard Seed


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