Impact 52

Day 24: A Neighborly Gift

Christmas Eve, Day 24 of our 25 Days of Giving, is a special day.  We celebrated by making some special deliveries to some very special people.  It has been said that good neighbors make great neighborhoods. We believe that statement to be 100% true.  We have been very blessed over the years to have great neighbors.  People, and families, that became close friends.  Friends that watched our kids when we needed a night out.  Friends with whom we enjoyed adult beverages and late-night games of cornhole.  Friends that cared for our dogs so that we could travel with family.  Friends that offered their unconditional support through all of life’s storms.  We are so grateful to be able call neighbors and former neighbors friends.

Tonight we delivered many homemade goodies and dog treats to these friends and neighbors.  We want those families to know that there is a special place in our hearts for them.  For those former neighbors who were too far away to receive our goodies, know that we are thinking about you tonight.  We appreciate you more than ever!

Impact 52 delivers Christmas gifts

Impact 52 makes homemade goodies and dog treats for neighbors

Tomorrow is Christmas Day, the last day of our unbelievable month of giving.  We want to take this time to wish each of you a Merry Christmas.  Thank you for taking interest in our family and for your continued support.  Your encouragement and kind words means so much to our family.  We often ask question why we have received so many blessings in our lives.  We know that we do not deserve much of which we have been given.  We will, however, enjoy those blessings and the amazing the adventures that come with them.

Merry Christmas and God bless you and your families!


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