Impact 52

Day 23: Lottery Ticket

Day 23 was all about the lottery ticket.  We spent the day giving out $1 lottery tickets to complete strangers. We loved seeing the stunned looks on the faces of each recipient.  In most instances they were at a loss for words.  They just smiled and said thank you.  We hope that each ticket was a winner and that the money won will help make this Christmas special.

Impact 52 gives out lottery tickets

Day 24, Christmas Eve, will be about making special deliveries to some special people.  We will be giving gifts to our neighbors and former neighbors.  We have been very blessed over the years to have great people in our neighborhoods and we want to show our appreciation for them.

As a family, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas!  We hope that your Christmas is filled with family, friends, and great memories.  Remember what Christmas is all about.  Cherish your day celebrating our Savior with those whom you love.  It doesn’t matter what, or how much, is under the tree, but who you spend it with.  Merry Christmas friends!


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