Impact 52

Holidays Wishes and The Unexpected

Torrential rains dampened the our Day 21 efforts.  We were supposed to leave holiday cards on random car windshields, but we didn’t want to leave them in the rain.  So, we waited until today to make the deliveries.  After church this morning we drove the parking lots of local retail stores and placed Christmas cards on the windshields of cars.  We also surprised the two women working the McDonald’s drive thru with a card.  Each card was filled with the warmest of holiday wishes from our family.  We wanted the recipients to know that we were thinking of them during this holiday season.  Each card also contained a lottery ticket.  We hope someone is sitting at home a big winner tonight.

Impact leaves holiday wishes on windshields

Impact 52 leaves Christmas cards for strangers

Day 22 was The Unexpected.  We surprised random strangers with $5 and $10 gift cards from Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, and Regal Cinemas.  It is always awesome to see the surprised and stunned looks on the faces of people when you hand them a gift card.  At first it seems that they are trying to figure out our ulterior motives.  Once they realize we are innocent, the smiles are beautiful.

Impact 52 gives out gift cards

Impact 52 gives gift cards

Day 23 is called Lottery Ticket.  We will be giving away lottery tickets and praying that those who receive them will win big!


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