Impact 52

Day 3: Parking Day

Today was Parking Day.  We spent time covering the parking expenses of others in downtown Fort Wayne.  While in the parking garage, I left a few dollars with the garage attendant to pay for the next car to leave the garage.  I will never know if those few singles made a difference, but I hope that they brought a smile to someone’s face.  I did witness how the random act made the garage attendant feel.  It was obvious that he was excited for the next car to pull up so that he could let them know.  After leaving the garage, I made a couple of stops around town and dropped some quarters into a few random meters.  Hopefully those that pulled up to those spaces enjoyed the few free hours of parking.

Impact 52 pays for a strangers parking

Tomorrow is Day 4 and we are simply calling it Thank You.  We will be expressing our gratitude to some important people in our lives.  We will write some handwritten notes, make a few calls, and give a few social media shout-outs.  The goal for the day is very simple….to say those two very powerful words to those who deserve to hear it.  Thank you!


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