Impact 52

Day 2: Clothing Donation

Day 2 of the 25 Days of Giving was called Clothing Donation.  We dug through our closets and emptied out our dresser drawers to find those clothes that we could give to someone who needs it.  We made two separate donations.  First, we dropped off clothes for Forgotten Children Worldwide at one of their local drop off locations.  Forgotten Children collects, packs, and ships clothing overseas to help orphans who are in dire need.  Our second donation was delivered to The Fort Wayne Rescue Mission.  These clothes will be used to clothe men who are homeless and in need on the streets of our city. In a matter of minutes, we provided items that can impact the lives of people locally and across the globe.  Oh so very easy!

Impact 52 donates clothes

Impact 52 donates clothes to Forgotten Children Worldwide

Tomorrow is Day 3 and we are calling it Parking Day.  Drop a quarter in a parking meter, pay someone’s toll, or take care of someone’s garage fee.  If these are not applicable to your situation, give up your parking spot.  Park further away from your workplace to keep spots up for others.  Obviously, these are just suggestions.  If Parking Day doesn’t excite you, DO SOMETHING ELSE.  Just do something!


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