Impact 52

Day 4: Thank You

Thank you.  Two simple words that, when put together, are very powerful.  Two words that are taken for granted, forgotten, and often unsaid.  Life gets busy and we are always in a hurry.  We fail to pause a moment to share our appreciation and our gratitude with others.  Today, we wanted to focus on saying thanks.

We sent emails and text messages, made phone calls, and posted notes on social media sites.  We wanted people in our lives to know how much that we appreciate them.  We wanted them to know how important they are to our lives and to our success.  Unfortunately for us there are too many people to thank in one day.  So we are committing to continue the focus on thank you as we move forward in life as a family.

We do want to take a minute to say “Thank you” to you, the person reading this post.  There are so many other things that you can be doing with your time.  We feel very blessed that you have chosen, and continually choose, to support this crazy adventure we started more than two years ago.  The kind words of encouragement and the life-changing stories that you have shared have impacted our lives forever.  Though we have never met many of you in person, we want you to know that you hold a special place in our heart.  Thank you friends for your support.  The Brown family appreciates you!

Impact 52 says thank you

Tomorrow is Day 5 and it will be a day of laughs.  We are going to do our best to make others laugh tomorrow.  Be prepared, we can get a little nutty!  I may even sing to you.  Wait, that won’t happen.  We are focusing on laughing tomorrow not crying.  We hope that you will make others laughter a priority in your day tomorrow!


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