Impact 52

Hunger And Homelessness Awareness Week

“Getting up at 5am is never easy, especially on the weekend.  Those are the days that I actually get to sleep in because there is no school. But as a member of this family, the Brown family, I am willing to make a sacrifice in order to volunteer.  We were up early to serve the Saturday morning breakfast at The Rescue Mission.  The work this organization does for the homeless is extraordinary.  They provide meals and shelter in addition to a lot of other services.  We served breakfast to a many men and women on this morning.  Getting a “Thank You” from these strangers is very special.  The appreciation they show to the staff and the volunteers is great to see. Each individual is faced with challenges in life that leave them less fortunate than me and still they are happy.  Their happiness makes my troubles go away.  Volunteering to help the homeless is a great way to serve the community, especially during the holidays.” – Kelsi

“Helping out the homeless and serving at the Rescue Mission have always been my favorite activities.  I really do not know why, but it makes me feel good to help those in need.  Serving a meal by handing out tortillas or scooping eggs is very easy.  Those you serve make it easier because they are so thankful and grateful that you are there.  I think that everyone should take some time to help the homeless.  Volunteering at The Rescue Mission or any shelter is a good way to give back.  I would go back day after day if I could.” – MaKenna

I love reading the words written by the girls.  They have matured into very compassionate, inspiring young ladies.  Erica and I could not be more proud of their giving spirit.  The passages above were written about this week’s volunteer experience at The Rescue Mission.  It was Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week and we wanted to do our part so we helped to serve breakfast for those who are homeless and on the streets of Fort Wayne.  As you can see above, the experience was fulfilling and life changing.

Impact 52 volunteers at the Rescue Mission

Impact 52 serving breakfast

Impact 52 helps the homeless

In addition to volunteering on Saturday morning we also “skipped a lunch to feed a bunch”.  It is estimated that the average person spends more than $5 on lunch daily.  With that same $5, The Rescue Mission is able to prove 3 hot, nutritious meals to the hungry of our community.  This week, as a family, we skipped a lunch and donated that money so that meals can be provided to those in need.  If you do the math, skipping a lunch can make a huge difference in the lives of others.  This week we provided 12 meals.  Lets do a little math:

  • If 1 person skips 1 meal a month and donate the money, they will provide 36 meals in a year
  • If 1 person skips 1 meal a week and donate the money,  they will provide 156 meals in a year
  • If 50 people skip 1 meal a week and donate the money, they will provide 7800 meals in a year

We can make that difference in our communities and in the lives of others if we choose to take action.  There are hundreds and thousands of people who call the streets home.  They are sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers.  They, like you and me, are people with a story.  Regardless of the story and the reasons why they are homeless and hungry, let’s open our hearts and reach out our hands to help a neighbor in need.


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