Impact 52

Day 17: Care Packages

Day 17 of our 25 Days of Giving was all about the homeless.  We spent the evening walking the streets of the city with backpacks loaded with snacks, drink packets, and hand/foot warmers.  For two hours, we delivered the care packages to the locations these individuals call “home”.  We were in the park, in the woods along the river, and under bridges.  The experience was enjoyable, enlightening, and humbling.  The selfless acts of those living on the street always amazes us.  Under a bridge along the river a group of homeless individuals were settling in for the night.  Our only light was a small flashlight as we traveled across the rocks that lined the river.  The sounds of cars passing overhead echoed through the cement walls of their “home”.  We supplied each individual with hygiene supplies and our care packages.  The group asked us to join them in prayer.  There wish was to pray for the families of Newtown, Connecticut.  This group sleeps on a bed of rocks with a blanket, eats meals at a rescue mission, and struggles to stay warm and dry at night and they wanted to pray for others. Prayers for families who have suffered the loss of a child came before their own well-being.  A true definition of a selfless act.  It is always great to see our friends on the streets of Fort Wayne.  We were wet and cold when we finished our walk tonight.  We had the luxury of coming home to a warm, dry home.  Those on the streets do not.  It makes us think twice before we complain about little things.

Impact 52 homeless care packages


Tomorrow we will take time to read to a child.  Actually, we will read to a second grade classroom.  There is no better experience.  Investing time to read to children always yields a huge return.  We hope that you will take some time and read to a child as well.


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