Impact 52

Day 16: Donate Change

Have you ever noticed the red donation boxes that hang below the drive-thru window of your local McDonald’s?  Have you ever wondered where that donated change goes?  All of the change that is donated at McDonald’s goes to support the local Ronald McDonald House.  The Ronald McDonald House offers a home-away-from-home for families during the difficult times of a hospitalized child.  The services are provided at no cost and are invaluable for families that need them.  As parents, we hope that we never need to utilize this “home”.  We do, however, have peace of mind knowing that the Ronald McDonald House is there if the need arises.

Today, we donated change during a normal visit to McDonald’s.  If you are a busy family like ours who is always on the go, you probably visit the Golden Arches more than you should.  Donating some change on each visit can make a huge impact on families in your area.  Donate a nickel, a dime, or an entire ashtray of change each time you buy your favorite soda or signature sandwich.  It all adds up in the end!

Impact 52 donates change for the Ronald McDonald House

Day 17 of the 25 Days of Giving is tomorrow.  We have prepared care packages for the homeless living on the streets of Fort Wayne.  We will spend time with our friends at Saints on the Streets tomorrow night delivering the packages to those in need.  We hope that you will also take some time to think about those without a home in your community.


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