Impact 52

Day 10: Relay Your Gratitude

“Thank you”.  A very powerful message that we, as people, sometimes forget to use.  Life gets busy and we fail to express our appreciation to others in life.  I, admittedly, am a culprit of this.  I do not say thank you as often as I should.  This is something that needs to change.  Today was Day 10 of our 25 Days of Giving and our task was to relay our gratitude towards others through thank you notes.  As a family, we focused on saying thank you in a multitude of ways.  We wrote handwritten notes, sent Facebook messages, typed text messages, sent emails, and left voicemails to let others know how much we appreciate them.  We wanted to express our sincerest thanks and show our gratitude to people in our life in a variety of ways.  Each word that was written or said today was from the heart.  I was even on the receiving end of a few unexpected thank you notes.  Each touched me in a different way.  I was not expecting to receive any messages today and to know that others were thinking of me was amazing.  “Thank you”.  Two simple words that combine for one powerful statement.  When you say it and you hear it, you feel good.  Knowing that, we should try to say it more!

Impact 52 says thank you

Day 11 of this unbelievable season of giving is tomorrow.  We are going to help out our furry friends.  We will be donating pet food to the local pet food pantry.  We encourage you to find an organization or cause in your area that supports animals and give to them tomorrow.  Pets continually show us unconditional love.  They touch our hearts in special ways.  We just lost a beloved pet named Mustang.  He brought so much joy to our hearts.  We all need to support organizations that serve and care for the animals in our communities.  Tomorrow we will make a donation in honor of our buddy Mustang.  He will be forever missed, but never forgotten.  We hope that you will make a donation to an animal cause near and dear to your heart!


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