Impact 52

Day 9: Christmas Cards to Seniors

Christmas is a special time of year for people of all ages.  Today, we wanted to let some seniors in our community know that we were thinking about them.  We delivered over 70 handmade Christmas cards to Miller’s Merry Manor nursing home and rehabilitation center on State Street in Fort Wayne.  Each card was created by the Impact 52 elves and a beautiful young lady that lives down the street.  The creativity of my wife and children never ceases to amaze me.  Erica invested a significant amount of time into each card.  She wanted each card to be perfect and I must say that each was exactly that.  We were unable to hand deliver each card to the residents of the home so we left them at the front desk with a gift basket of fruit for the nursing home staff.  We hope the residents enjoy the cards as much as we enjoyed making them.

Impact 52 Christmas Cards

Impact 52 delivers Christmas cards

Tomorrow is Day 10 of the 25 Days of Giving.  We will relay our gratitude to others through handwritten thank you notes.  Life is busy and we often fail to take time to say “thank you” to those who deserve it.  Tomorrow we will ensure that at least five individuals know how much we appreciate them.  We hope you will too!


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