Impact 52

A House of Redemption


Redemption, by definition, is the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.  This week we learned about a place that brings this definition to life in our community.  Redemption House Ministries ministers to women in a home setting as an alternative to incarceration.  Redemption House allows previously incarcerated women to live in a Christ-centered home for up to six months.  During their stay, women learn about accountability and discipline.  Biblical principles are taught through Bible study, job and life skills are received through training , and counseling is offered to those in need.  Redemption House transforms the lives of women who need transformation.  They have made bad decisions, used poor judgement, and harmed others in the process.  This ministry impacts the lives of women who have lost the trust of society.  Women who truly need to be saved.

Redemption House

We volunteered to help prepare for the upcoming open house.  Redemption House has gone through many changes in recent months.  The open house event will give the organization the opportunity to reach out to the community, show off its program, and ask for help.  The house has received new paint and some new furniture.  We spent time using Old English on the beautiful, old wood floors of the foyer  and hallways.  On all hands and knees, we scrubbed the floor to help restore the shine.  We also helped move old furniture from the house to the garage.  We spent about two hours volunteering at the house.  We felt very welcomed and it was obvious just how much the staff, and residents, appreciated our time.

Redemption House Ministries needs our help.  Financially, the house is surviving from month to month.  They are unsure of how they are going to continue the ministry without the proper funds to pay staff and expenses  for the 24-hour facility.  I have had the pleasure of getting to know the executive director over the last few months.  Her passion for the mission, the ministry, and women she serves is inspiring.  She is new to her position and I have no doubt that she will achieve big things in the future.  She, however, can not do it alone.  She needs the community of Fort Wayne to step up and help to impact the lives of these women.  There are a number of ways you can get involved.  Make a financial contribution, donate clothing and food, join a committee, or volunteer to help transport residents.  It doesn’t matter how you get involved, just get involved.  The women who benefit from these services are rebuilding their lives.  Redemption House is an alternative to prison.  It is a place of faith.  It is a place of love.  It is a home of impact.  It is a house of redemption!


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