Impact 52

Day 8: Appreciate Those Who Serve Our Community

The 25 Days of Giving is about bringing smiles to faces of others. We strive to give, to help, to say thanks, and to make difference.  Today, as our day 8 task, we said thank you to the men and women who serve our community.  We visited fire stations and police posts throughout Fort Wayne delivering handmade goodie baskets.  Each basket was filled with snacks, drinks, our appreciation, and love.  We so appreciate the efforts of the brave individuals who protect and serve.  Today was all about letting them know.

Impact 52 delivers goodie baskets

Impact 52 and firefighters

Each stop that we made was special.  We expressed our gratitude through words while handing out the baskets.  It return, we received kind words and huge smiles.  It was obvious how much each firefighter and police officer appreciated the gesture.  Once again, we give and we receive.  We had a great time today.  We met some brave people who have made a commitment to keeping our community safe.  We had a chance to tour multiple fire stations and see the big rigs.  In the end, we put smiles on the faces of others. That, my friends, is what it is all about.

Impact 52 on Day 8

Impact 52 says thanks to a police officer

Tomorrow is day 9.  We will be delivering hand-made Christmas cards to a senior/nursing home in our community.  The Impact 52 elves, in addition to some friends, have been hard at work creating the cards.  It will be a lot of fun delivering the joys of Christmas to the elderly of our city.


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