Impact 52

Alzheimer’s Sucks!

Alzheimer’s sucks!  There is really no other way to say it.  Well, I could easily say it a different way by adding a lot of graphic, inappropriate expletives.  However, I won’t.  I will just say that it sucks. It is a disease that affects millions of people.  Actually, there are more than 5 million people in… Continue reading Alzheimer’s Sucks!

Impact 52

I’m Born To

What were you born to?  Were you born to sing, to dance, to become a parent, to practice medicine, or change the world?  There is no doubt that we were all born to be and/or do something. I believe that I was born to positively impact the lives of others.  That is my purpose and thus… Continue reading I’m Born To

Impact 52

A Walk To End Alzheimer’s

"I miss you Though you are near to me I miss you Though you're not here for me. I'm with you so you are not alone. I miss you When I go home. I miss you Though you seem far away. I miss you Though I am here each day. It hurts me when I… Continue reading A Walk To End Alzheimer’s