Impact 52

I’m Born To


What were you born to?  Were you born to sing, to dance, to become a parent, to practice medicine, or change the world?  There is no doubt that we were all born to be and/or do something. I believe that I was born to positively impact the lives of others.  That is my purpose and thus far in life, I have been healthy enough to pursue that passion.  Unfortunately, many babies in our society do not get that opportunity.  They are born too early, unhealthy, and very weak.  Life is an uphill battle from the moment they enter the world.  Thankfully, there are organizations like the March of Dimes that work tirelessly to ensure that babies are born healthy and strong.

Impact 52 hands out stickers for March of Dimes

March of Dimes is a nonprofit that helps moms have full-term pregnancies and healthy babies.  The organization works globally and in our local communities to support moms and babies through reasearch, education, advocacy, and support.  In 2003, they launched the Prematurity Campaign to address the growing problem of premature birth.  They are funding life-saving research and advocating legislation to improve health care for babies and mothers.  Each year, the March for Babies takes place in more than 900 communities across the country.  Families and friends join together to walk, to remember, and to raise money to fight premature birth.

Impact 52 volunteers at the March for Babies

This was the second time that we have volunteered at the Fort Wayne March for Babies event.  Unlike last year, the weather for this year’s walk was absolutely beautiful.  The temperature was warm and the sun was shining.  We sold raffle tickets for the 75th anniversary blanket, collected notes for the Wishing You Well Tree, and handed out Imbornto stickers.  It was great to see so many people come together to support this cause. It was difficult to see the families that were honoring the life of a son, a daughter, and a grandchild.  Many of them were wearing shirts with the name of a child and a picture that commemorated a short, but special life.  Like last year, I asked myself why I was lucky enough to have two healthy, full-term children.  So many are not as fortunate.  That is why we have to help the March of Dimes continue its research and education.  Premature birth is a national crisis that affects 1 in 8 babies in our country.  These statistics are staggering and unacceptable.  Money is needed to continue the fight and the March for Babies is a great event that helps the cause.

Impact 52 volunteers with the March of Dimes

This week’s experience was another opportunity to serve as a family.  We enjoyed the time together helping the March of Dimes.  I ask you again “What were you born to”?  As you think about your answer, I want you to thank about the premature baby who is fighting for his or her life.  That baby deserves to have the opportunity to answer that question some day.  We must support the work of March of Dimes and all organizations that are working to end the prematurity epidemic that faces the world today.  Visit their website, gather some information, and find a way to get involved.  Maybe the answer to the question is “I’m born to help babies”.  You never know.


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