Impact 52

Dear Little Brother

Dear Little Brother, I am not sure exactly where to start.  There are so many things that I want to say.  As you prepare to move and we say our goodbyes, I first want you to know that it is not goodbye.  Although you will be hundreds of miles away, you need to know that… Continue reading Dear Little Brother

Impact 52

There is ALWAYS Time

Life is busy.  Actually it is downright hectic at times. Are you coming or going?  What is up and what is down?  Some days you even struggle to know what day it is.  Your job is demanding and it takes a lot of your time.  Maybe you are working first and third shift jobs to… Continue reading There is ALWAYS Time

Impact 52

Day 18: Take Time To Read

Making an investment in children is one of the best investment's you can make.  The payoff, for you as an individual, is great regardless of the size of the investment. Today, we made a small investment in a group of children at Adams Elementary.  I visited Mrs. Craig's class this afternoon to read them a… Continue reading Day 18: Take Time To Read