Impact 52

Day 21: Lottery Ticket

Day 21 was about saying Merry Christmas through a lottery ticket. We purchased 20 $1 scratch-off lottery tickets, put them in cards, and distributed them throughout the city. We left some windshields at the store. We gave some to those working the drive-thru window at McDonald's. Some were given to strangers as we passed on… Continue reading Day 21: Lottery Ticket

Impact 52

Day 4: Help A Furry Friend

Day 4 of the 25 Days of Giving is complete. Today was Help A Furry Friend and we made a food donation to the Fort Wayne Pet Food Pantry. It is an organization that provides food to pet owners in an effort to keep pets at home where they belong. Pets are valuable members of… Continue reading Day 4: Help A Furry Friend

Impact 52

Raking Leaves To Help A Neighbor

There is a lot to love about fall.  Football, Halloween, and caramel apples are a few of the things we love most.  The vibrant colors of a changing season are a beautiful scene.  Leaves fall creating a layered palette in the yard.  This palette, although pretty, is what I dislike most about the fall.  I… Continue reading Raking Leaves To Help A Neighbor