Impact 52

Day 21: Lottery Ticket

Day 21 was about saying Merry Christmas through a lottery ticket. We purchased 20 $1 scratch-off lottery tickets, put them in cards, and distributed them throughout the city. We left some windshields at the store. We gave some to those working the drive-thru window at McDonald’s. Some were given to strangers as we passed on the sidewalk. Others were distributed at our church after the Christmas program.

Impact 52 hands out lottery tickets

It wasn’t much. It was an extremely simple gesture. Simple, but not small. As with everything we do in our lives, the potential impact of that act is huge. What if one of the recipients scratched off the card to find a $500 prize? Or maybe a $100 prize? That could be life-changing for someone this Christmas season. That is our hope. We hope that some (maybe all) of the tickets are big winners because, as we wrote in the cards, all of the recipients deserve it.

Tomorrow is Day 22 and it is Hero Appreciation. We want to express our gratitude to men the women who serve our communities and our country. Whether it is homemade baked goods, snacks and treats, or a note of thanks, take time to thank the men and women who commit their lives to service. Now, more than ever, it a great time to do it.


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